By Douglas Platt, Museum Curator

One aspect of building and overseeing the collection for the Museum of disABILITY History is what I call “The Find.” It is the moment when you realize that a recent acquisition has expanded the breadth and depth of the collection exponentially. My most recent “Find” arrived in a photograph album.

The Museum recently acquired a dark brown photo album, bound with a brown shoe-lace. Upon opening the album, the first two photos were 7 x10 inch photographs of a concert band. They sat and stood with their instruments, looking proudly into the camera. They are the O.H.E. Band, in two photos taken on July 31, 1940. “O.H.E.” stands for the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics, and two hand-written pages adjacent to the photos identify each of the band members and the conductor, Professor James T. Lewis.

Mar. 2012 blog - The Find - 1

The remainder of the 200 plus photo album are smaller photos of people working at or experiencing life at the Gallipolis Ohio institution during the 1920s, 30s, 40s and into the 1950s. One photo features Ruth, Jennie, Mable, Helen, Ruby and Jean, the Cottage 7 girls’ band.

A 1924 photo shows Miss. Watson, Nye, Brucker, Reynolds & Roush, the “Nurses of O.H.E.,” (Miss Russell and Mrs. Parson were absent).

Mar. 2012 blog - The Find - 2

Mar. 2012 blog - The Find - 3

An undated photo with the hand-written number “3” and stamped “59” on the back is of a young lady in costume as ……..a camera. I guess every picture does tell a story.