If you have questions, would like to schedule a museum tour, wish to donate artifacts, want to make an appointment to use our research library, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact the museum’s general line at (716) 629-3626.

Staff Members:
Douglas Farley, Museum Director – (716) 629-3601 or dfarley@people-inc.org
Doug Platt, Museum Curator – (716) 629-3608 or dplatt@people-inc.org
Thomas Stearns, Museum Coordinator – (716) 629-3604 or tstearns@people-inc.org
Sarah Jerge, Retail Specialist – (716) 629-3626 or sjerge@people-inc.org
Janet McNevin, Employment Specialist – (716) 629-3625 or jmcnevin@people-inc.org

Museum Docents:
Maria Bell – mbell@people-inc.org
Isaac Cote – icote@people-inc.org
Israel Cruz – icruz@people-inc.org
Charles Degraffenried – cdegraffenried@people-inc.org