By Dr. James M. Boles, Senior Research Advisor

As the Museum of disABILITY History continues to research the history of Buffalo State Hospital in preparation for a new Abandoned History Series™ publication, more information has been uncovered about the Wilson Farm Colony.

Our initial research was directed to the land owned by the Dwight family in the Town of Wilson. This was based upon an inquiry from a Wilson resident and New York State reports. However, with the assistance of the Town of Wilson Historian (Ret.) Charles F. Horton and further research of New York State documents, the actual location of the Farm Colony has been found.

It was located in the Village of Wilson on Route 425, the present address is 81 Lake Street.

Wilson Farm Colony

The anticipated release date for the Museum’s Buffalo State Hospital publication is the Fall of 2014. The book will feature a unique history of the State Hospital and the Wilson Farm Colony with many rare images.